“We All Have a Story to Tell.”

 Margaret Allyn Greene Best

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Margaret Allen Greene Best (Peggy) Author of “Unsung Hero” and “Dandelion Daughter”

Hello, Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the ducks are swimming in the pond behind my home in The Villages Florida. I sit here looking out the window, writing in my head and typing on the computer. That’s what I like to do. I write all the time.

Margaret Best Author is my website featuring stuff I write, like my books, articles, and memoirs. I also like to help other people write. I give expert advice, read what my friends want me to read and critique their writing in a friendly way. I taught elementary school and retired in 2001.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually with my eight grandchildren and three adult children and their families. One set live in Fort Lauderdale, the other in Georgia, and my son and his cat live in Brandon. It’s amazing, four of my grandchildren are college bound, one still in high school and three “littles” are in second, third, and fourth grades.

That’s all there is about me, unless you want to know the nitty-gritty, in which case you are welcome to buy and read my memoir book about Life as a military Brat and correspond with me. The book I speak of is Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter available on Amazon.

Dandelion Child

A Soldier’s Daughter

Unsung Hero

What I can do for you.

Everyone has a story to tell. Why not record yours?

Memoir Writing with Peggy is designed to help you get organized and begin writing your personal story. If you are struggling with your story or need a helping ear and a push, I would like to be that ear and push. I will serve as your mentor, not your writer. You would be the writer and author of your story, but I could give you some handy advice. Take it or leave it. So, if you buy my book and want to begin your memoirs with some encouragement, send me an Email and we can work something out. I will give advice and critique your work for a reasonable fee. If you wish to have it edited and published that is up to you, but I can give you advice on that score.

If you think you have no time to write, read Memoir Writing with Peggy and turn off the television .Write for fifteen minutes every day. See how much you can write in a little amount of time.

If you don’t like to write or cannot hold a pen or type because you have arthritis or just plain don’t want to, turn on the tape recorder and record your stories. Read Memoir Writing with Peggy to begin.

Why write your story?

Someone will read your story and find an answer to a problem they have in their life.
To leave a footprint somewhere on Earth to prove you were here.

We are all part of our nations’ history, when we’re gone, so is that piece of history. Writing about our problems will help us cope with life and grow.

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