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Unsung Hero

Dandelion Child Wins Silver at the Royal Palm Literary Awards

Peggy Best under the name Margaret Greene Best won silver (second) place in the RPLA writing contest biography/memoir category of the Floirda Writers Association for her memoir Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter.

Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter tells what it was like growing up as an army brat during the Cold War Era (1947-1969). Military children today face both similar and different hardships.  Either mommy or daddy or both may be deployed leaving the children in the care of grandparents or neighbors. All attend civilian schools without the support of other military kids. The author includes a chapter exploring how the reader can help those children. This award-winning book will be enjoyed by everyone interested in the subculture of military life. Many past military brats will relive their experiences while reading this story – a must-read about our cultural heritage.


The Military Brat

Born brave and bold
Resilient, responsible, respectful
Adventurous, adaptable, accepting
Traveled, trusted, and tenacious

Margaret Greene Best

Writing Your Life’s Author Showcase Interviews Peggy Best

In the video Interview, Peggy Best shares what inspired her to write about her experience as a military brat in her memoir Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter.

 In the writing process she found much encouragement: “Writers are special. They help each other. It’s not like, ‘I’m a famous writer. I’m not going to tell anybody anything.’ It’s, ‘I’m a writer; I want you to be too.’” Check out her interview here.


The Biography, The Life and Times of Albert V. Greene


Peggy’s first book, Unsung Hero, published in 2018 and available from,, and Barnes & Noble, tells the story of her father. It contains his memoir of life in a POW camp during WWII and continues with Peggy’s research into his life as a military officer. It is a memoir/ biography/ tribute to her unsung hero. In 2018, Unsung Hero took second place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards “Biography” category.

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My Book Testimonials

"You Truly Honored Your Father"

Dear Peggy,
Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed reading your tribute to your father, UNSUNG HERO. My father-in-law also found it interesting. We thought it presented the reality of war in a personal way. I appreciated the inclusion of the historical background of the wars. You truly honored your father and hundreds of other men like him who were heroes.

Sandy Broschat

"Recommended Your Book to Friends"

I enjoyed your book very much. It is an easy read and it was nice to enjoy all of the different experiences your father had, both prior to, during and after the war. I wish he would have elaborated a little more on his time as a prisoner. I read the book about Louis Zamprini and the torcher he endured was unbelievable, at the hand of the Japanese. If your dad had to be a war prisoner, he might have been fortunate that it was Germans rather than the Japanese. I will be recommending your book to several friends.

Thanks again,
Larry Pohlman

"Inspirational Biography Grandma"

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

The inspirational biography of Great Grandpa Greene has been an insightful way to learn about past generations in our family. The book has been one of the most perfect books I have ever read in my lifetime. This fantastic story has aroused the curiosity and interest in the history of our family and in our nation. Thank you for creating this masterpiece biography. I would love to know the next time you will visit us.

Love, Love,
Jacob Best

"Great Tribute to Your Father"

What a great tribute to your father. I can only hope that someday my kids will think enough of me and their mother to take the time to emorialize our sacrifices on their behalf. As a veteran, it is a deeper story of not only the father who makes the sacrifices but the family as wll. The question left in my mind is wether the families of today could or would make similare sacrifices. Kudos to a great daughter of an American hero.

Rich Sobieray
USACares Florida Chapter

"Major Greene was Indeed a Great Hero"

“Unsung Hero” by Margaret Allyn Greene Best is very well written and an easy read. Her book makes you feel like you knew the Greene family & especially her father, Albert Greene. Major Greene was indeed a great Hero & would be very proud of his daughter’s efforts to make sure his story was told.

Gerri Sobieray

"I Could Not Put the Book Down."

I read UNSUNG HERO a couple of weeks ago. I don’t profess to be a dynamic reader of books. It’s rare when I actually finish reading a book within the same year. Your book, however, was a far different experience. I could not put the book down until I had read it cover to cover. Here’s why (I’ll try to keep this short):

Like you, I was an Army brat. My father met my mother in Japan (her father was stationed there) after he had completed a tour in Korea. They got married in Japan (both were in their teens) and I was born in Japan. So your father’s memories of the Korean War caught my attention immediately.

Stories of your father being stationed in numerous Army posts in the US and Germany caught my attention. I lived in Fort Benning numerous times as a child. I lived on Army posts in Germany and France as well. The mention of Crailsheim, Germany especially caught my interest because my Little League baseball team in Goppingen played the Crailsheim team many times.

My father was a Vietnam vet as well. He was there during the Tet offensive. I thank God he survived. Though he was decorated several times during the war, he rarely (if ever) spoke about his experiences in Vietnam. Your father’s memories of Vietnam meant so much to me as I read them.

I too am an Army vet. Went to college on an ROTC scholarship. Graduated 1973. Resigned as a Captain in 1978.

Bottom line is this, Peggy….. reading UNSUNG HERO brought back a thousand memories of my childhood and, more importantly, my recognizing that there are, in fact, 2 UNSUNG HEROES in heaven. I can’t thank you enough for that book, Peggy.

Bruce Myers

"Job Well Done!"

Met you and Joel the other day when I picked up a copy of Unsung Hero. Just finished the book and wanted to tell you, “job well done.” As a young girl your travels which obviously continued throughout your life must have been somewhat frightening and challenging while at the same time enlightening. You mentioned to me that most of your sales were to ‘family and friends’ but I must admit I read your revelations as if I were a family member. My own son, a Special Forces Master Sergeant trained as a medic and in intelligence, has been in Afghanistan multiple times and is now preparing to head to San Antonio to be trained as a physician’s assistant by the military. He doesn’t speak much about his middle-east endeavors, so reading your book gave me a little insight into what he, like your father, must have experienced. I wonder if his first child, a daughter to be born in late May, will have some of the same experiences, and worries about “The Man I Love” that you had as a child growing up. A proud and honorable family was depicted in your book and it would be nice if all young families approached life and family with the same dedication that Al and Evelyn did. I thank you for your contribution to the literary world and wish you continued success in finding the time to write. Enjoyed your book tremendously. Greetings to Joel and it’s nice to have you as neighbors.

Norm Hurwitz, MD

"A Wonderful Family History"

Margaret (Peggy) Allyn Greene Best is a genealogist and local author. She has written Unsung Hero, in honor and memory of her father, Major Albert V. Greene, and as a way of preserving her family history – something many serious genealogists do. Unsung Hero won 2nd place in the adult biography genre of the 2018 competition for The Royal Palm Literary Award, the flagship writing competition of the Florida Writers Association.

Unsung Hero is written in three sections. The first is a memoir written by her father describing his experiences as a soldier and a POW during World War II. The second is Ms. Best’s biography of her father, and the shared history of her family’s immigration to the U.S. in the late 1800s. The third is composed of family memories as written by Peggy Best, Keith Best, Brian Best, and the eulogy for Major Greene delivered by his son, Michael Green.

Ms. Best describes how the two sides of her family immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland and Germany in the late 1800s. She shares stories of her family, and her father’s memories as told to her. Included at the back of the book is a “World War II Glossary”. Many of the words and expressions, such as “GI” “MIA”, and “HQ” are known by most people. Many, however, are not; and those were helpful to me in reading the book.

Major Albert V. Greene, 1924 – 2009, was captured by Germans, and sent to a German prisoner of war camp in Italy. He later served in the Korean War and in Vietnam.

Although Major Greene was a high school drop-out, he ended with a master’s degree. He quit every job he ever had, and gave his children this advice: “If what you’re doing doesn’t feel right, stop!”

Someday I hope to document my family history in a book that will be useful to genealogists, both current and future. I can only hope it will be as good as this one.

Maria Montgomery

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Unsung Hero Author: Margaret Allyn Greene Best

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