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Knee Surgery

Dr. Williams in the Villages performed knee surgery on my right knee way back in November. He told me it could take as long as six months before I feel perfect. It’s been three months going on four. My knee appears fine, except for the scar running down my leg, but my hips and backside are in constant pain. I think that’s because I’m not walking properly. So, back to physical therapy, I will go. The pandemic is making things difficult because I went to my daughter’s house for two weeks of recovery. When I returned, the receptionist told me I could not see the doctor for two weeks because “I may be a carrier, and we don’t want to get sick.” Other doctors saw me straight away, so I think the receptionist was in a state of panic over this Covid Thing. I am now a bionic woman with a metal knee. I wonder how that will work going through security at the airport when we can fly again? I am glad I knew nothing about the surgery, especially how painful recovery would be because if I had known, I might not have opted for surgery.